Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Should you appeal your Final Restraining Order in New Jersey?

How do you know if you should appeal your Final Restraining Order in New Jersey?

What are you most concerned about after having a Final Restraining Order issued against you? Are you most concerned about your reputation? Are you primarily worried about violating the FRO and facing jail time? Or, are you concerned about your Second Amendment rights? Or, are you worried about how the FRO will affect your work? All of the above concerns are valid. The issue now, is whether you will take action to alleviate those concerns.

The first step is to have an attorney experienced in handling FRO cases review the recording of the hearing, to assess your chances of success on appeal. Contact the Law Office of Christopher J. Basner, P.C. today, to asses your chances of winning your appeal.

Contact Christopher J. Basner, Esq., today at basneresq@me.com. For a reasonable fee, I will obtain and review the recording of your FRO hearing. I will also assess both the strengths and weaknesses of your case so that you may determine whether or not to appeal your case. Hurry; you only have 45 days to appeal your decision to the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

Why retain me to appeal your FRO? I have gotten many TRO cases dismissed. I have also negotiated cases such that I do not have any former clients with a Final Restraining Order against them in New Jersey.

Christopher J. Basner, Esq., was selected to Super Lawyers, 2015 and 2016 New Jersey Rising Stars.

You may also call my office at (856) 745-1765 to schedule an appointment.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What is the dark side of Temporary Restraining Orders?

There is a dark side of Temporary Restraining Orders.

The moon fascinates me.  This celestial body generates no light of its own, and yet it reflects the sun's rays to illuminate the dark night; that is the side that we see when peering into the sky.  What would we see if we looked at the other [dark] side of the moon?

Domestic Violence Awareness is a moon; it reflects the light that the authors want you to see.  I was truly grateful to see that the National Football League addressed Domestic Violence in a Public Service Announcement via a Super Bowl commercial.  However, the viewpoint addressed was singular.

As an attorney, I have both assisted individuals in obtaining both a temporary and final restraining order.  I have also defended people falsely accused of domestic violence.  So, I have seen both sides of domestic violence in the courtroom firsthand.

Don't get me wrong; understand me clearly.  Domestic Violence is not okay; no person should have to endure it.  So, awareness of Domestic Violence is good; awareness of all facets of domestic violence is even better!

Just as the moon creates no light of its own, domestic violence is not the core of the problem.  Domestic Violence is really only a symptom of other, deeper problems:  unresolved anger, poor problem solving skills in relationships, and the like.

Just as people need to be made aware of the problem of domestic violence, so do people need to be aware that the shield of domestic violence laws have been used as a sword to falsely accuse people of things they simply did not do.

Recently, I had the honor of defending a spouse falsely accused of domestic violence.  I could tell that when the attorney representing the plaintiff began to question his client on direct examination, that he was not prepared; good for us!  I thoroughly cross examined the plaintiff to demonstrate to the Judge that the plaintiff had a motive to falsely accuse my client and that the allegations were not factually supported.  The Judge dismissed the domestic violence complaint and denied the Final Restraining Order for my client!

My client was elated!  I was thanked, and, my client penned one word on the paper that I provided for note taking:  “Justice”.

Fight your New Jersey Temporary Restraining Order!  E-mail me today at basneresq@me.com with the subject Fight Your Domestic Violence Case and I will send you a copy of the Order dismissing my client's case.  The Order will be redacted to protect my client's privacy.  Walk through the dark side of the domestic violence moon with me; there is light on the other side.

Monday, May 16, 2016

What do you do if you have a Temporary Restraining Order [TRO] against you in New Jersey?

  You made a wise choice to research what to do if you have a Temporary Restraining Order against you in New Jersey.  Gathering knowledge is an important first step in fighting your New Jersey TRO.

     What do you do next?  Gathering evidence is crucial; so much is at risk.  Gather phone records, witnesses, and any documentation that could possibly help your case.  The Court does not allow much time between the issuance of a TRO and the hearing date; time is off the essence.  The hearing for the Final Restraining Order, or FRO, is scheduled within 10 days of the TRO being issued.

     What should you do after gathering evidence?  Meeting with and retaining an attorney who is both experienced and skilled in fighting TROs is crucial; so much is on the line!  If a Final Restraining Order is issued, it will impact you ability to obtain a firearm, and, could affect your work as well.  There are other ramifications; that is the subject of a future blog.

     E-mail Christopher J. Basner, P.C., today, at basneresq@me.com; I will e-mail you actual Court Orders demonstrating that I have gotten TRO cases dismissed for clients.  Of course, the names are redacted, or erased from the Order to protect client privacy.  Of course, I cannot guarantee you that I can get your TRO dismissed; each case is different.  And, although this is lawyer marketing material, I can promise you that if you retain me, I will fight for you and fight your TRO!

     Christopher J. Basner, Esq., fights to defend Temporary Restraining Orders for New Jersey clients in Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Mercer, Atlantic, and Cape May Counties; primarily.